Why go on a yoga retreat? 

Most vacations involve rest and relaxation, but yoga retreats take the concept of a vacation to a whole new level.  Attending a yoga retreat opens up the gateway for a truly transformative experience. 

At my retreats, you'll take your practice to the next level and have lots of time to do whatever you want; rest, read, swim, surf, tan, whatever. You'll detox your life with yoga twice daily, organic fresh meals, and most likely some of the best zzz's you've had in years. You'll have limited access to electronics which may seem scary at first, but trust me, you may not even want to check your phone because you're either so zen or your new friends are very awesome.


Bali November 1st-November 8th, 2017

Enjoy world-class everything… from yoga, excursions, healing sessions, spa treatments, and boutique shopping, to the simplest pleasures in life—breathtaking views, walking along the shore and drinking in the natural beauty of Bali. Cultivate your inner freedom and bliss by practicing effective daily rituals which help to awaken and sustain your inner radiance. 

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4th Annual Westhampton Beach Retreat.

Sept 28th-Oct 1st.

The best stay-cation of your life in beautiful, quiet Hamptons Bay. Luxury and yoga at their best. 

The retreat includes daily yoga, satsang, a one hour massage and an array of delicious foods. 

From 800



Haramara reunion 2018 

2nd annual retreat to Sayulita Narayit, Mexico. Exquisite beauty, delicious food, one of a kind experience.